About Professor Palmer

I follow an inside-out approach for personal development based on the theory of self-leadership. In my classes I try to have fun, but at the same time my goal is to develop the self-efficacy of each of my students. That is to build their belief in themselves through the use of psychological principles.

Ultimately, I would like students to understand their true capabilities and experience the successful completion of their goals. Students should understand the goal of the degree level they are on:

Undergraduate level: An exposure to and acquisition of information with the ability to develop an understanding of that information across a breadth of disciplines with a “concentration” in one.

Masters level: The focus is in one specific discipline designed to create “mastery” of a particular focus area. It should allow the student to learn how to analyze different approaches, and allow the learner to “apply” evidence based practice where the mastery exists.

Doctorate level: Prepares students to synthesize and integrate different theories, models, applications, and ensures the practice of evidence based research and models to create new perspectives and applications. The student contributes to the body of knowldege of the profession; provides professional leadership and discovery.


One response to “About Professor Palmer

  1. Not sure if you can help with this. but I teach Communications, and I am looking for information on the theory of interpersonal affinity, specifically, if anyone has done on studies on our capacity to like others and percentages of this. In other words, how many people in any given crowd will really like us? What percentage of any group will really like a person? Surely it is impossible to please everyone, even if we are all on our best behavior. Our personalities are too unique, evolved and complex. I search everywhere than a non-psychology prof would search and found nothing. Any help appreciated.

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